Why do we only power wash your tires by request?2018-11-09T19:51:45+00:00

Because when we do remove all the greasy products that other detailers have left behind and that grease ends up on the concrete and can create a mess under your coach. In our case Super Touch Mobile Detail never leaves residue behind because of our 4,000 psi & 300 degrees heated power washer.

What is a cancelations policy?2018-11-09T19:49:16+00:00

Cancellation policy requires that all clients pay for their regularly scheduled car washes regardless of any cancellation by “You”, the client or by Super Touch Mobile Detail, due to weather or due to a major Holiday. You will receive an added service at your next scheduled appointment for the cost of the previous car wash that was canceled, plus you will be charged for that day’s scheduled car wash. My calculations show that you will be paying no more in a months’ time if there were no cancellations of your regularly scheduled appointments.

Added Services for each Cancellation:

1st – Exterior wash only

2nd – Leather Scrub and Wipe Down Plus Leather Conditioning

3rd – Carpet Shampoo Plus Floor Mats

4th – Scrub All 4 Door Panels and Dashboard Plus Vinyl and Rubber Conditioning

May be eligible for an exterior wax (as an added service) if more than 2 consecutive cancellations or you cancel 2 vehicles on the same day

You may choose to have your driveway heated power washed if you decline the other added service allowed for that cancellation

What is the importance of exterior detailing2018-11-09T19:48:13+00:00

In today’s environment, pollution, corrosion, and the sun’s UV rays continuously attack your car’s finish, breaking down the surface. Tiny rust and metallic particles penetrate your car’s surface, leaving the finish rough and gritty. Corrosion is more visible on light colored cars. Swirls and Spiderwebbing are more visible on darker cars, is the result of improper washing. The sun will also cause the paint to oxidize without a long lasting protective coating. Our proven techniques will restore the new car look without the use of any aggresive compounds and/or cleaners. Buffing and Polishing are an art form when the proper methods are taken, but sub-standard techniques can lead to swirl marks and we believe you deserve a better finish for your money! Our products will produce the highest gloss and longest lasting protection available

What is the importance of interior cleaning & conditioning2018-11-09T19:47:49+00:00

Dust, dirt, exhaust and odors are absorbed daily into your car’s interior surfaces. Eventually that new car look and smell are gone. Visible soiling and discoloration accumulates on fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces. To preserve and protect your car’s interior form premature wear and tear, treatments are recommended on an regular basis.

The local Detail Shop down the street cost a lot less, why not just use them, the cars are usually shiny when I drive by?2018-11-09T19:47:22+00:00

On average Super Touch Mobile Detail details 4-8 cars per week, but any residential client is performed solely by Duane, ensuring quality control is not an issue. From top to bottom, your vehicle is detailed by a Master Detailer, and his only goal is to get your car as perfect as possible. Duane has developed a no nonsense way of doing business, and on every detail his goal is to establish a one on one relationship with the client, and cater to the clients goals and expectations for their pride and joy. Many “fly by night” detailers will wash and wax your car and not even think twice about the contamination he or she may be sealing in your paint. Duane is straight forward and knows what your car needs, or what it doesn’t need. As the saying go’s, you really do get what you pay for. These places are usually all high volume and see a lot of cars per day, which means you get all the dirt from previous cars. How many times have you seen someone change towels from one car to another. We always use the softest microfiber towels and treat your car like it’s one of our own. Car Washes typically have young kids just looking for a paycheck and have no real professionals on hand to inspect your paint, and most likely they wouldn’t even know what a micro-polish was if you were to ask them. How many times have you left one of these places only to have water running out of your mirrors and out the back of your SUV or truck, leaving you with water spots? They just simply don’t have the time to cater to each car with passion, and if you have a black car, it’s even worse.

What is proper care after the Clay Bar Treatment?2018-11-09T19:46:52+00:00

After claying a car, you must always wax the vehicle. This is the best time to apply wax. Aside from oxidation removal and additional polishing that may be needed, the paint is now prepared. I will describe oxidation removal and polishing in another entry. The Clay Bar Treatment takes a lot of effort and is not easy, so now that the work is complete why would you want to leave the paint exposed to the repeated contamination.

How Do I Know When My Car Needs A Clay Treatment?2018-11-09T19:46:21+00:00

After you wash and dry your car, run the palm and fingertips of your clean hand across the top surfaces. Don’t be surprised if what you feel is rough and bumpy. The roughness you feel is the presence of harmful environmental bonded contaminants such as over-spay, fallout, brake dust, tree sap mist and more that have bonded to your paint finish. Most of these contaminants will wash right off if immediately addressed, however, others bond to the finish and week by week, if not dealt with, will gradually mask and blur the reflection. To remove these bonded contaminants and bring back that “smooth-as-glass” finish, this will require an extra step, prior to polishing and waxing, commonly referred to as “claying”. By doing this, your car will not only feel incredible, it will ensure the wax that you apply will be able to function properly.

When would a clay bar treatment be necessary?2018-11-09T19:45:53+00:00

A Clay Bar Treatment is necessary when there are contaminants embedded in the paint surface. These flaws are hard to see but you can actually feel the contaminants in the surface. A trained eye can see these flaws. Attempt the following test after the vehicle has been properly washed. Wiping even the smallest particles of dust can cause micro marring on the paints exterior surface. After washing the vehicle properly, glide your hand gently on the surface of several painted surfaces. You will find that most vehicles that are parked out doors have much higher levels of surface flaws. Add a sandwich bag to cover your hand and you will really feel these flaws. The flaws feel like microscopic mountains on your paint. A perfectly smooth surface is the ideal result. The most imperfect areas are generally the hood, trunk and roof. These horizontal surfaces allow dust to settle and the sun to help bake in these particles. Some fallout will be on even the newest of vehicles and should be treated immediately. You could end up claying a vehicle 12 times a year if the vehicle is always under harsh conditions.

What is a Clay Bar Treatment?2018-11-09T19:45:26+00:00

A Clay bar treatment is the action of using a lubricant on an auto’s paint surface with an actual bar of clay to remove surface contaminants. Not any clay bar will work, as you should find the appropriate clay bar for your specific application. Auto Detailers around the world have found this clay bar treatment to be similar to a magic eraser on a vehicle’s clear coat surface. This is no hidden secret, but must be done properly with the right product for the right situation. A clay bar treatment, if done properly, can remove small amounts of rust, fallout, over spray, and other contaminants that have wedged their way into the first layer of the car’s paint surface. This layer is known as the clear coat on all vehicles manufactured in the United States.

Why must I wax my car’s paint so often?2018-11-09T19:44:55+00:00

Your car is being constantly bombarded by contaminants each and every day. All of these contaminants take a toll on your car’s paint if the finish is not frequently washed and waxed. Imagine what would happen if you only brushed your teeth once a year. The buildup could lead to costly dental repairs. And your teeth might never look as good as they did before. Your car’s paint is constantly exposed to the elements and needs regular care to keep it looking its best at all times. If you neglect your car’s finish for a long enough time, a quality repaint could easily cost $4,000. If you decide to sell your vehicle without a new paint job, it could cost you anywhere from $500 to $5,000 in lost trade-in value, depending upon the age and type of automobile you have.

Why do I need to condition my leather seats?2018-11-09T19:44:16+00:00

Leather experts suggest conditioning every one to three months. Conditioning nourishes the leather with appropriate lubricants to keep internal fibers soft and flexible. Under a microscope, leather fibers look like a pile of tangled rope. Without regular conditioning or lubricating, the “tangles” can’t yield to pressure and literally will break.

Can the high pressure wash cause my paint to chip?2018-11-09T19:43:34+00:00

The pressure washers we use are unable to put out enough pressure to damage the paint on your vehicle as long as the paint is in good condition. If there are any imperfections in your paint such as rock chips, bubbled paint, cracks in the paint, or any other imperfections the pressure washer could cause these imperfections to get worse. Be sure to inspect your vehicle prior to ordering our services and repair any damaged paint to prevent this from happening

Is it true that having my car washed could cause my windshield to crack?2018-11-09T19:43:04+00:00

Yes, this commonly known phenomenon is actually caused by what is called thermal stress. When the water hits your extremely hot windshield the change in temperature causes the windshield to flex. This flex can cause any imperfections in your windshield to be stressed which can cause your windshield to crack from that spot. Although this can be fairly common it is actually the imperfection in your windshield that causes the crack. Be sure you inspect your vehicle prior to requesting our services and repair any imperfections to prevent this from happening.

I own an exotic vehicle. Are you qualified to detail exotic cars?2018-11-09T19:42:32+00:00

Absolutely. In fact, not only are we qualified, we also cover an extra level of insurance in order to work on exotics which is something that you may not find with other services. We strongly recommend making sure someone has a higher than standard level of insurance before allowing them to do work on such a large investment.

I own a luxury vehicle. Is there anything special I should know?2018-11-09T19:42:03+00:00

The great thing about luxury vehicles is that not only are they nice to own and drive, as long as they are well cared for, they can be great resellers when you are ready to move on to a new vehicle. Aside from mechanical neglect, appearance is the number one thing that will determine a good resale value on a luxury vehicle from a poor one. Super Touch Mobile Detail offers no-hassle service agreements designed with the luxury vehicle owner in mind. These programs are designed to offer the maximum benefit to the owner while at the same time alleviating the concern of maintaining your vehicle’s appearance. We take care of it all for you on a set schedule.

Can you detail in any weather?2018-11-09T19:41:20+00:00

We cannot detail when the weather is below freezing. We can detail on rainy days as long as it is not raining while we are performing the service.

Is it true that bird droppings and bugs can ruin my paint?2018-11-09T19:40:47+00:00

Absolutely! This should be handled as soon as it happens. The chemicals from these elements are naturally acidic. They can and will eat through the clear coat on your vehicle and can eventually even get through the paint. Detailing can only do so much if it’s not taken care of promptly, and it’s certainly cheaper than having to have an entire area of your vehicle repainted.

How often should I have my vehicle detailed?2018-11-09T19:40:15+00:00

While you only need to have your car fully detailed every 3-6 months, depending on your driving habits, you should still have it cleaned every 4-6 weeks. If you’re a road warrior and spend a lot of time on the road, you may want to have a basic service done as much as every week. It really depends on your needs. High-line cars should be meticulously cared for at least every week to 2 weeks to maintain it and keep as much of it’s original condition, value and luster as possible. It really depends on your personal usage and the level of concern you have for your vehicle.

I don’t own a luxury vehicle. Why should I have my vehicle detailed?2018-11-09T19:39:44+00:00

The main reason is to maintain the value of the vehicle. Your car is exposed to the harshest of elements everyday. While we don’t realize it, the chemicals in the air, dirt from the road, and nature’s other elements (especially the sun, bugs and birds) do a great deal of damage to the paint surface of our car. We tend to be pretty tough on the interiors as well. Dirt gets ground into our seats and carpets every time we sit or twist in our seats or get in and out of our cars. This dirt wears down the fibers of fabric and the surface of leather and over time, we end up with tears in our fabric and carpet or cracks in our leather. Additionally, there’s the peace of mind you get when driving a car that is always in showroom condition. After all, that’s why we like buying new cars, isn’t it—for that “new” feeling? It relieves stress and makes our daily drives and commutes a little more bearable when we don’t have to sit in a dirty car. We maintain our engines, transmissions, tires, etc., but we never stop to think about the value that our car loses by not maintaining it’s appearance. In comparison to the cost of the vehicle, detailing is an inexpensive way to keep it’s value and make our everyday commutes a little more enjoyable!

Do I need to be there during the service?2018-11-09T19:38:57+00:00

We prefer the client to at least be there when we arrive and before we leave. We don’t require anyone to be present while we do the work, though.

Do you have a minimum for a service call?2018-11-09T19:38:16+00:00

No we don’t have a minimum

Can you really detail at my office?2018-11-09T19:37:40+00:00

Yes. Our units are completely equipped, including water and electricity. In fact, we do most of our details at offices and corporate complexes as long as permission is granted by the management.

You even supply your own water?2018-11-09T19:37:11+00:00

Yes. In fact, Super Touch Mobile Detail uses conditioned water that is processed through a commercial grade softener in order to eliminate water spots and speed up the detail process. Soft water is also much gentler on your paint than regular tap water. This is especially important on luxury vehicles where the factory applies the paint to give it a deep luster. If you have a luxury vehicle, it is especially important to make sure your detailing is done with softened water and a ph balanced soap. If you have a luxury vehicle and would like more information, please call or email us…whether you use our services or not, before letting just anyone perform a detail on your vehicle.

How long does the service take for an average car or truck?2018-11-09T19:36:18+00:00

The average length of time for a wash is 45 minutes to 1:30 & 3 – 5 hours for a detail depending on the condition of the vehicle.